About the Apocalypse Survival Guide

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About the App

You can use the Apocalypse Survival Guide App to find out your survival rate for any one of the eight most plausible apocalypses. Using the GPS to find locations, the checklist to gather your supplies, and the tips/description, you can make a good plan for yourself and decide what you want to do in case disaster hits.


The Apocalypse Survival Guide App can also help you connect with friends so that you can see each other’s individual plans and chances of surviving. The Apocalypse Survival Guide website is dedicated to giving you all the tools you will need to make a plan with others. Use the App, Facebook page, and website to make a serious and real plan for yourself and whoever you’d like.

We don’t think zombies are going to be coming out from the ground. That would be cool, and probably very fun, but we doubt that will ever happen. However, it is nice to have a plan, just in case. Although we can’t take ourselves too seriously, we do want to make sure we can give you all the tools you can use to be prepared.


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