Gamerating Review: Are you prepared? Apocalypse Survival Guide First Look

By James Rock | May 5, 2013

You’re sitting in your living room watching a re-run of The Walking Dead on your DVR because you got home late from work last night (and missed it). All of a sudden you hear a deafening siren, the one that sounds off when a tornado is approaching. Before you have time to react, the Emergency Broadcasting Signal interrupts your program. Gun shots echo in the background, outside. Your cell phone and home phone starts to ring! Your wife starts to scream, power goes out, and the ground starts to shake after a faint rumble is heard outside. You don’t know what’s going on, but you hear pounding at your door! What…? Who’s there? What do you do?

You look outside from the window and fear wipes across your face. PANIC! There are people eating each other. People shooting each other, or what appears to be other humans. Wait? You were just watching this on the television! Is this a joke? “Lulz Hollywood”, you say to yourself. NO! This is not a joke! The question is… do your have a plan set out? Are you ready for a mass panic scenario? Are you prepared to fight for your life and your families? Most likely there won’t be a zombie attack anytime soon, but something extreme that puts your life in danger can happen at anytime. The questions will come to mind, are you able to take care of your family in case of an event like this may occur?

Most likely not. But John, lead developer of ChiRyuApps thinks about this every day. That’s why he took action and created an amazing interactive application to get you ready, because most of you are not.

It’s no joke not to be prepared for a major state of an emergency, especially with the rise of a nuclear threat from North Korea against it’s swore enemy, the United States. It’s aways good to have a game plan ready. John laid in his bed after the wake of hurricane Sandy, after losing power for a week, he decided to make an app that can help people in a world without power or connection. Back by a team that has one goal in common, to help as much as possible and give people the tools they need, Apocalypse Survival Guide started to take form. Apocalypse Survival Guide really started as a disaster relief app, that after a while evolved into what it is today, a survival application. With the app any individual should be able to make a plan for themselves; with the website they are able to make a plan with others.

Let me get a little bit personal on this…

I meat John at PAX East by complete accident. I was on my way to interview a small time indie game developer about their upcoming game. After enough walking, me being late to the interview and their location being totally out of way of where it should have been, I finally reached their booth. Crazy enough, they never showed to PAX East. (*sadface*). So, I was free for an hour before my next interview. I walked around the corner and saw The Apocalypse Survival Guide app booth.

“No way” I said louder than I thought I said. The set up pulled me in with images of Zombies, nuclear bombs, biochemical terrorist attacks, etc. This was my kind of thing.

John invited me to take a pre-evaluation to guess my changes of survival. If I guessed my percentage within five percent, I would get the application for free when it released. “80 percent”, I boasted, because of my previous military training [. . .] Anywho, short story made short, I got an 81 percent. “w00t! boss’n!” That’s how I got into the application.

What makes THIS app special.

This application is way different than other survival guides you may have seen on the app store. It is a very interactive and personal app that lays out a game-plan to protect your family and most importantly, yourself. There are a total of 8 situations that the app prepares you for including but not limited to: Global Warming, Zombies, Nuclear War, Aliens, Bio terrorism, etc. Each situation has a pre survival questionnaire to calculate your survival if the actual scenario were to happen at this very second. Half of these I would probably die according to the app, and I hate to admit it.

After coming to an unfortunate and brittle truth, the survival guide has a checklist to educate and prepare you to upgrade your chance of survival in any of these states of emergency.

Understanding the Situation
Understanding what is going on is VERY important. The app goes through a demo scenario to simulate what may happen, and educate you on what it is, and the dangers behind it.

Don’t Panic. ACT!
This next step is important! Do not panic, it will make things worse! The survival guide will go over key things that need to take place immediately to increase your chance of survival, plus lay ground for protection later on.

Check out your surroundings.
This part is very exciting, and useful! This step brings up a map via gps and pin points locations where food, medicine, shelter, weapons, etc are so you can prepare to go these locations and stock up. It is smart to stock up before these events so you are not wasting time on it then. Time is valuable during an attack/invasion/emergency.

Have your locations saved.
Continuing on the previous step you are going to need to save your locations just in-case GPS and Cellular networks are down.

Get prepared.
Don’t wait until it happens, start stocking up! This step will list necessary innovatory items that need to me stocked. This step will turn you into a Prepper. This is not a bad thing. You may have hear bad things saying preppers are “crazy or extreme”. Better be prepared than dead.

Survive with friends
Time to get social! Lay out your game-plan with friends. It’s easier to survive when responsibility is spread out and not piled on one person. This part allows you to have a plan with connecting with friends and to increase your chances of survival.

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