Global Warming

Global Warming

There have been speculations that global warming may cause the climate on earth to become like that of Venus. In a worst case scenario that would make the planet uninhabitable, on the best case scenario it would end civilization as we know it. Increases in both the intensity and frequency of natural disasters, climate change, and global warming have become the main focus of the world’s emergency relief needs and global humanitarianism.

Tropical regions become tropical deserts and the disappearance of polar ice caps creates serious threats to the civilizations of the world. Heat waves, destructive sudden heavy rains, intense tropic storms, repeated flooding, droughts, tornadoes, all topped off by a cold wave that can turn into a pretty nasty ice age. This is a grim, but not far-fetched scenario.

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Bangladesh’s ‘Eco-Cooler’ could lessen global warming – Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh’s ‘Eco-Cooler’ could lessen global warming
Dhaka Tribune
While the South Asian countries as well as the other nations have been experiencing scorching heat during summer, Bangladesh might have just found the perfect solution to the world’s problem of rising temperatures, reports The overall …

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