This generation more than any other has been preparing for this undead scenario. Many people think it’s a complete fantasy but the truth is that anything is possible, including a zombie takeover. We don’t know how it would happen or what kind of zombies we are dealing with. So we need to prepare for anything between the slow, stupid, shambling zombies, and the fast, chaotic, smart zombies. There are a few different ways that “Z-day” could happen.

One way would be through a parasite known as Toxoplasmosa Gondii. When this bug infects a rat, it controls the rat and forces it to find a predator like a cat. The rat is then forced to sacrifice itself and gets eaten by the predator where the parasite can transfer itself and breed. About one third, to one half of all humans already has this parasite in them. Even though medication may help during the infection stage, once you have this parasite, you are a host for life. Studies have shown that humans infected with this parasite sometimes exhibit suicidal behaviors, hallucination, and reckless behavior. This parasite may be many evolutionary steps away from controlling us the way it controls rats. However, if a weapons lab that focuses on biological weapons learns how to use it… we may be in serious trouble.

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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
The Digital Bits
I was hoping for something a little more clever and creative than what I got with Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, even though I knew going in that it probably wasn’t going to deliver on very many laughs. There are flourishes here and there that

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